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 Faction template

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Faction template Empty
PostSubject: Faction template   Faction template EmptyTue Dec 22, 2009 12:50 pm

(basic template, if your stuck. Stars are by the ones that are more needed)


Shortened Names*:



Races*: Try to give a small paragraph into the races and their purpose in the faction

Population*: Should be in the Trillions really. Not too much though.

Main systems*: Small breif list on the main system names.

Main characters*: Little list of bios of the main leaders and characters in your faction.


Here should be a description of your factions politics, from it's chambers to it's system. Try to add what type as well (Democracy, Dictatorship etc.)


Military Branches*: What branches of the military do you have? like a land force, a space force etc.

Military readiness*: How much of your military is active in short.

Military tactics/ specialisation*: Bit more encompassing, special tactics or notes on the faction.


Try to explain the economy as simply or as advanced as you want, how invovled is the government in all this as well?
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Faction template
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