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 Oronian Zodiac

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Nation Name:Oronian Zodiac

Nation Flag: The three stars of Orions belt with the Zodiac constellations surrounding it

National Motto:

Home planet/ system: Planet Zodiac, Orion system, Orion Arm Cluster

Major Gentellic: Humans (100%)

Nation Population: 100, trillion

Language(s) Spoken: English

Government: Autocracy

National Color: Red and black

History: The Oronian Zodiac was founded nearly 800 years ago after Earth was lost. They split off and settled in the Orion system shortly after. When they had established themselves, the decided to begin a policy of expansion which lead to the founding of the Other twelve major systems in the Zodiac. The posses a large space fortress known as Zero Star which guards the entry to Planet Zodiac making assaults a nightmare for invaders.

Important Characters:

The Lord of Blades
Sometimes known as the Dark Lord for his brutal methods of disposing of his enemies. The Lord of Blades has controlled the Oronian Zodiac since its founding nearly five hundred years ago. it is most likely that the Lord of Blades is a title passed down, to the new ruler. either way all of the Lords of Blades are generally vicious though some have been known to show compassion. No one knows who the Lord of Blades really is or what he wants, only that he is strong and has kept the Zodiac together.

Asara Eclipse alias the Queen of Blades
Asara Eclipse is the Grand Admiral and is in charge of every fleet and man or woman in the Zodiac with a gun and a uniform. She commands a great deal of respect from her troops and is one of the Lord of Blades most valued members of his inner circle.


A Single Ruler aided by an Inner Circle


Military Branches: Zodiac Imperialist Fleet (space fleet), Zodiac Knights (Land forces), Orion Knights (Elite Special Forces)

Military population: 1.5 Trillion

Military readiness: One quarter readiness
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Oronian Zodiac
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