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A sci-fi Play by post forum that combines Individual RP and Nation RP. All ages and experience welcome.
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 The Rules (please follow)

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The Rules (please follow) Empty
PostSubject: The Rules (please follow)   The Rules (please follow) EmptyWed Dec 16, 2009 2:19 pm

These are the main rules.

1. No spamming, double posting, or flaming each other.
2. Keep on topic.
3. obey the admins and mods on their rulings.

Rules of registration.

1. This forum follows a open registration policy, in short you can post immediately after placing it up. However you will need permission of the topic creator to post in their threads.
2. No god-modding or Over powered creations/characters.
3. If you get a objection from either a member, mod or Admin. Either React on it and change your creation, or debate back.

Posting rules.

1. Be realistic, no pulling reinforcements in at the last moment.
2. War is expensive and costly, if you are losing battles show the consequences of these losts.
3. Economies must be realistic (in a fashion, but if you say order a capital ship, to arm and upgrade such a thing it should show on the economy)
4. There are winners and losers, try to plan who's who.
5. No Last minute ditch attempts to try and win or be in your favour.

Now that's out of the way, have fun!
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The Rules (please follow)
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