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 Commonwealth of Sonra

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PostSubject: Commonwealth of Sonra   Commonwealth of Sonra EmptyWed Dec 16, 2009 2:29 pm

(template from Pro Patria, I have edited certain sections but all credit goes to them.)

Nation Name: Commonwealth of Sonra

Nation Flag: Three Planets, aligned around one star.

National Motto: Pacis per vigilance (Peace through vigilance)

Major Gentellic:
Telians (47.8%)
The Telians are a dark blue humanoid skinned race originally from the Plant Orion, All of them never truely age, thus a 254 yr old (they live until their 260) would look 30. Most of their biologists note that their 'body clock' appears to halt at that age. Unlike normal humanoids as well their young are born via eggs that the female lay, This is proven by the fact that the female womb appears to be alot different to a humans. It is speculated if that at one point the Telians were birds because of certain features in their shoulder blades and the fact that their bodies seem to cope better in high altitudes.
Another point about the Telians is that of 97% of the population biology are psychic, those that are psykers are kept a close eye on by the templar's (In some cases it's easy to mistake them for being super beings or witches.)

Humans (45%)
Humans arrived in Sonra when the Telians were only just developing their normal drives, needless to say the humans were efficiently integrated into the Telian empire even reforming it into the Commonwealth, mainly through clever use of the political system and also appealing to the emperor at the time. Humans haven't changed much, although the humans in the Commonwealth are more cunning and manipulative, some argue that they are the true power behind the commonwealth, this is not true as they see the Telians eye to eye with themselves..

Others races (8.2%)

Nation Population: overall 250 Trillion. Divided up, 119.5 Trillion Telians, 112.5 Trillion Humans, 18 Trillion others

Language(s) Spoken: Telian Standard language (Close to Latin), Commonwealth standard Language (English), Other human languages.

Government; Constitutional Monarchy (Retaining the monarch from the pre-commonwealth times of the Telian) It is in fact the Prime Minister who is in charge of the Caste, this Prime Minister is elected every 8 years, following a period in Telian culture called the 'kip Jikia' Where Orion experiences a stellar meteorite shower that occurs thanks to Orion's position. The Prime Minister is only allowed to hold office for one Term, they then are retained as an advisor to the Prime Minister.
The Commonwealth Parliament is divided into two sections. The State Council, where the chosen Representatives of each State and country of the Commonwealth meet and the Assembly where elected representatives are chosen. The Assembly are divided into 5 parties (alignment politically):-

The Theocrats (Far Left) are religious reformists believing that the Commonwealth should lead through the religious decisions.
The Liberals (Left) These are the normal Reformists who believe that socially the Commonwealth should help everyone, one of the large parties.
The Centralists (Centre) These are the 'sit on the fence' members, usually independants are included here as well, These are fairly large as well.
The Conservatives (Right) These are the members who believe the Commonwealth shouldn't change much, but are more open to change than the Militarists, Another large party.
The Militarists (far Right) These are the Radical Conservatives who are the smallest party in the Assembly.

It is noted that the State Representatives are not part of the 5 above, but the Prime Minister to form a Government and a Cabinet must chose at least 3 parties equalling 60% or over. In short a Coalition government.

National Color: Most Ships and troops tend to use an Aqua colour as a marking.

National Pride: N/A

Important Locations:

Sonra System

Telia, Capital of the Commonwealth, actually the moon of the Telians homeworld, this is mainly because of religious rights of the Telians, no other races are allowed religiously to step foot on the homeworld.

Sonra III, The human capital, a city planet where the Commonwealth Defence Forces have a permanent shipyard in orbit.

The Sonra Asteroid Belt, A heavy belt going around the Sonra system, Humans had difficulty passing this belt because of the thickness, when they found the passage commonly called the Tolen Corridor. This is now heavily guarded and the only real way in or out of the system.

(The Section on locations will be updated later, The Commonwealth have at least 3 systems though.)

Important Characters:

Queen Nima the 13th, The Current Telian Monarch, controversial in her speaking but has a fair and neutral mind. Don't invite her to a dinner party though.

Prime Minister Veri Nye. A Telian by nature and the current Prime Minister, her coalition is The Liberals, The Centralists and Conservatives.

Deputy Prime Minister Ben Tallon, First human to hold such a post in the system he tends to be Veri's right hand man and is well known to be a Conservative by nature.

High Admiral and Sky Marshal of the Commonwealth Armed Forces (or just Marshal) Newman, A cautious military leader who adamountly believes in their military doctrine. Very well skilled when it comes to politicians.

Human Affairs Minister Jaime Reyes, A woman of Spanish Decent a Woman who tends to sacrifice alot for humanity's well being. Good administrator though and from the Centralists

Telian Affairs Minister Keren Frei, A Male Telian who tends to put the Telian point of view forwards popular with the Electorate, not so popular in Parliament.

Foreign Affairs Minister Shia Gen, This Telian rarely visits the Parliament, she's usually too busy sorting out Trade contracts and keeping the Corporations in the Commonwealth under control with their Colonisation programs.


Housed Under: The Royal Military Acadamy (or Defence Ministry to Parliament) originally in fact the Royal Palace this is where the Marshal decides on military policy and tactics from a central command chamber. Although most Dreadnoughts have their own command chambers, this is the big cheese of them all.

Military Divisions: The Main Stream Military divided into the Royal Sea Force (RSF), Commonwealth Space Navy (CSN), Commonwealth Land Division (CLD), SABRE (the Special Ops and only real organisation that allows psychics) and the PDNF (Planetary Defence Network Forces)

There are also two other Divisions that are monitored but not under the Royal Military's control, the first being the Templars these are Religious soldiers whose fleets protect the Telian Homeworld with a zealous nature, if your not Telian it's a simple warning and then get ready for your name to be written on the side of your hull by their capital Ships, they are also Hunters in case of a rogue SABRE agent. The Other is Corporation Owned Forces, these are mainly seen outside the Commonwealth protecting the colonies that they are setting up in preperation for the Commonwealth Government to arrive at, a common practice when setting up colonies that the Government are not funding.

Military Readiness: The Readiness of the Commonwealth is divided into 5 levels, Level 5 being the lowest and Level 1 being the highest. Currently it's at Level 4 which is a readiness of 20% and 80% in reserve.

Military Tactic Specialization: The Commonwealth follow the doctrine of "If there is nothing there, then it's not worth taking" policy, that means seeing them in the middle of space is uncommon. When they do attack another system, they try to finish the job fast if a planet survives longer than 2 weeks then the Commonwealth will open a negotiational channel to try and make the colony see it's way and surrender peacefully. If the Colony is not well shielded it is bombed by the commonwealth fleet, if any of the population survive that or they keep on fighting then the Commonwealth commence what is known as "Monastica defaeco" a Religious Purge, in short they kill everyone who resists, anybody who surrenders or do not fight is taken in and shipped back to Sonra under the company of what one human jokingly refer too as "the jolly happy folk" where they are detained for a minimum of 2 years before being released.

In space Battles, boarding a ship is usually an option usually the Boarding Frigates do the job and their Crusader marines are usually well trained to take control of the ship, if that fails they blow it up. Waste not, want not. Their Capital Ships are more armoured than most, so they tend to pummel enemy ships into submission, having said that, they do have less crew than most with even the biggest ship not exceeding a crew of 10,000.They are however more skilled at fighting in an asteroid field and using it as a tactic if they are forced to fight there.

The Commonwealth is also known though for it's SABRE special operations forces, an Elite 'super being' group who are more adept at stealth and assassination, These agents are powerful and deadly however their armour can also change in accordance to if their a proper member or not. If their armour is grey then their a member, if it's a light grey then it's a elite member however if the armour is blood red these are rogue agents to SABRE and are more powerful, the only real organisation in the Commonwealth who are trained to bring them down are the Templars and at this moment have hunted down and killed the rogue agents. SABRE's tactics tend to be rather accurate, they get in, do the mission and then leave. No messing.

Military Population: 1 Trillion. 65% are Telian, 30% Human, 5% Telian. Majority are in the CLD, PDNF or CSN.


Currency: Commonwealth Credit.

Housed Under: The Royal Telian Bank

Economy explanation:

(Extract from Commonwealth Economy 101)
"The first thing you need to learn of the Commonwealth economy is the Commonwealth 'cone tree' resource map, the most base resource, Solar cells are the first resource at the bottom and is needed by all. Then up above that are the basic food, components and the mining materials Ore and Orionium, then the next teir is the 'bridge teir' which contains the second set of resources and components, these need the solar cells and the first resource teir to survive. The third teir produces a wide range of goods, from luxery items to the cell storage, needed by all solar cell stations to produce solar cells, these require solar power cells and one resource from the other two tiers to build. And finally at the top are the big goods, ships and armour which need solar power and 1 resource from the Basic, Bridge and Advanced Tiers to build."
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Commonwealth of Sonra
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